Month: September 2015

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Texas Lawyer’s take on: Renter’s Insurance

  Posted on September 3, 2015     By Jesús García

For many reasons, the rental market has been hot in recent years. The market for renter’ s insurance, however, is still ice-cold. Despite the fact that some 96% of homeowners have insurance, as compared with only about a third of renters, renters are half again as likely to be burglarized as are homeowners. Many renters […]

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New Hours-of-Service Rules for Truckers Are Dangerous

  Posted on September 2, 2015  

For many years, the government has regulated the number of hours that truckers are allowed to drive, in an effort to keep tired truckers from being behind the wheel of large trucks. Recently, these rules were changed to let truckers drive up to 11 hours straight, without a rest, and up to a maximum of […]

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FCA Will Pay

  Posted on September 1, 2015  

Do you know of someone who defrauded the federal government? Are you willing to bring a lawsuit on the government’ s behalf? If so, the government may be willing to pay you under a federal law known as the False Claims Act (FCA). The FCA allows individuals to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the […]

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