Construction Disputes

Our attorneys represent individuals and companies involved in various kinds of business disputes.


We represent clients in a variety of disputes involving project delays, construction defects, design defects, workmanship, change orders, schedule changes and more. Our ability to evaluate claims and develop a trial strategy places our clients in the best position to win. Our results speak for themselves. A few examples of matters we are currently handling or have handled include disputes involving the construction defects in commercial buildings; delay and inefficiency claims in road construction projects; defects, delay, and inefficiency claims in the construction of an electrical power plant, delay and failure to pay claims in the construction of natural gas pipeline; and failure to pay claims in the design of a sewer plant. Our clients are owners, general contractors, and subcontractors involved in the construction of a multitude of projects.

Here is one example of how we take a winning approach that resulted in a $2,347,454.74 victory—every dollar García de la Garza requested for the client in arbitration.

Our Client, a small road construction company, submitted two successful bids to a City for the improvement and expansion of two roads in the Rio Grande Valley.  The City failed to advise Client that it intended to issue the notice to proceed without first removing utility obstructions, fearing that if it took the time to clear the utility obstructions before issuing the notice to proceed, the City would lose the money allocated to these projects.  The utility obstructions caused major delays.  The City refused to halt the construction, but instead ordered the Client to allocate more equipment and personnel to the projects.  During construction, the Client advised the City that it was incurring significant cost overruns.  When the Client completed the projects, it demanded payment for the significant additional costs.  But, the City refused to pay.

After a local prominent law firm failed to obtain justice for the Client, the Client turned to Jesus Garcia, Jr. and Mario E. de la Garza.  The City offered nothing ($0) to settle the case in response to Garcia’s demand letter, and then again offered nothing at mediation.  After arbitration hearings lasting approximately five days total and the exchange of closing briefs, on July 18, 2014, the arbitrator rendered an award in favor of our Client for $2,347,454.74every dollar the Client requested in arbitration.

From pre-litigation negotiations, to full blown trials, at Garcia de la Garza we fight for those wronged in business and hold businesspersons and their companies to their word, because business does not work if people do not keep their promises.