Medical Malpractice

Our personal injury attorneys represent victims of catastrophic and serious personal injury in a variety of contexts.


There are few circumstances in our lives when we are as vulnerable as when we are in the hands of our healthcare providers. For most of us, the science is so complex and intangible that we have little choice but to trust that our doctors and nurses are abiding by their duties and following procedures based on sound practices. We trust that they were properly trained and that they are being properly supervised. We trust that doctors are taking the time to consider all of our relevant circumstances before recommending or not recommending a course of treatment, before performing or not performing a given procedure. We trust that nurses are dutifully monitoring us, paying close attention to detail, taking proper notes, reporting important information to the doctors and following the doctor’s instructions. However, sometimes even doctors and nurses fail to do the right thing. Sometimes, they fail to meet their standards of care, and the consequences can be catastrophic. Our personal injury attorneys fight for victims of medical malpractice in order to hold negligent doctors and healthcare providers responsible.

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As personal injury attorneys, we fight for people who are injured and hold those responsible for the harm accountable, so that our clients can obtain justice, so that our society can be safer, and so that people come before profits.