Trucking Accidents

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Our commerce flows, in large part, on 18-weelers, commercial box trucks, tractor trailers, gas tanker trucks, and the like.  They transport our goods and are indispensable to our society.  However, they also pose the risk of grave danger, which is why their drivers are held to a higher standard of safety than other motorists and why trucking companies and truck manufacturers must comply with important safety rules.

An 18-wheeler has passed you on the highway.  You know its sound.  In fact, you know how it feels—that all too familiar moment of pressure as it roars past you…without so much as touching your vehicle.

Now imagine one actually hitting your car.  The average 18-wheeler is up to 20 times heavier and many times larger than the average car.  These, among other disparities, are vast and begin to explain the magnitude of the injuries that result when big rigs collide with significantly smaller cars—amputations, burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and death.  Unfortunately, these horrors are a reality in the everyday hum of American traffic.

Why?  Because truck drivers make dangerous decisions—they fail to inspect, drive too fast, make unsafe turns, fail to brake, talk or text on their phones, drive while under the influence, and drive while sleep-deprived, among other dangerous decisions.

Catastrophic trucking collisions also happen because trucking companies make dangerous decisions—they fail to train their drivers, overwork their drivers, fail to check their drivers’ backgrounds, and fail to maintain their trucks, among other dangerous decisions.

Catastrophic trucking collisions also result when commercial truck manufacturers make dangerous decisions while designing, manufacturing, marketing or distributing their trucks and their many components.

Dangerous decisions—by truck drivers, trucking companies, or trucking manufacturers—are not acceptable.  Our attorneys fight for victims of trucking collisions and fight to hold negligent truckers, their companies, and commercial truck manufacturers accountable

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