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Kernicterus: Success for the Victims

More than half of all babies suffer from neonatal jaundice, a condition that results from the build-up of bilirubin in the blood. Left unchecked, bilirubin can rise to dangerous levels and cross the blood-brain barrier, resulting in life-long neurological damage with devastating consequences. This condition is called Kernicterus. Because neonatal jaundice is so easily treated, Kernicterus is considered a “never event,” meaning it should never happen.

Yet, tragically, it does happen and did happen to a charming young boy during the first days of his life in the NICU. The boy’s mother retained Mario de la Garza to seek justice for her son. Mr. de la Garza fought an expensive and complicated fight against some of the best medical malpractice defense lawyers in Texas, who were armed with powerful, pro-hospital case law. Yet in January of 2014, Mr. de la Garza obtained justice for the little boy and his mother, reaching a confidential settlement agreement with the doctors and the hospital.