client case results from garcia de la garza

Brake Check Settles for $3,075,000.00

A young man, college-bound, took his SUV in for service.  Brake Check failed to remove the air from the SUV’s hydraulic brake system and failed to properly install the adjusting brake shoe mechanism. As a result, the brakes failed, sending the SUV onto oncoming traffic, causing it to flip over, killing the young man, his parents’ only son.

The family hired Jesus Garcia, Jr. Brake Check offered $0, retaining an army of lawyers and experts to blame the young man for the fatal rollover. But, Mr. Garcia proved that the blame belonged to Brake Check, that Brake Check betrayed the young man and through its negligence had sent him and others on the road directly into harm’s way. Mr. Garcia proved through cross-examination of the Brake Check’s own experts, that the defendant failed to properly install the self-adjusting mechanism in one rear wheel leading to the unbalanced braking in the rear wheels. He also proved that Brake Check failed to properly bleed the hydraulic brake system. After a hard fought battle, Brake Check called it quits a few days before trial and settled the case for $3,075,00.00.