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Success for Victims of Horrific Bus Rollover

Mario de la Garza and Jesus Garcia recently secured a favorable settlement for a Houston-area couple and their little boy who suffered severe injuries in a horrific bus rollover near Laredo, Texas.  The family were riding in the bus on their way back from an Easter vacation in Mexico, when the driver failed to keep a proper look-out, saw that he was about to collide with the car ahead, and then turned to avoid the car, thereby losing control of the bus and causing it to rollover onto the side of the road.  Because the bus had not been retrofitted with seatbelts, the passengers flew out of their seats and were thrown about, suffering severe injuries.  Mario de la Garza and Jesus Garcia secured favorable confidential settlements not only against the bus company for the negligence of its driver but also against the distributor of the passenger bus, which was a defective product due its lack of seatbelts.  While nothing will erase the horrible memories of this tragedy that this sweet family will live with for the rest of their lives, the substantial compensation that de la Garza and Garcia obtained for them has meaningfully changed their lives for the better.